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The estimated time to read this web page is 2-3 minutes we GUARANTEE that it will be well worth your time to help you reach your goal of getting that coveted fire department badge!

The Ultimate Firefighters Examination Package is about you being the best prepared and to have that complete ULTIMATE edge over your competition.

In today's field, you have to be a well-rounded, well-prepared candidate. That's what the Ultimate Package will do for you!

The Ultimate Package provides you with the best tools for the entire entry-level examination process the written, physical agility, psychological, and oral interview - to dramatically increase your chances of finishing in the top 5% to  gain that coveted fire department badge.

"This is everything that every aspiring firefighter needs. You can use me as the perfect example of someone who tried to wing it on my own and was very unsuccessful. The minimal investment I made in the Ultimate Package was more than worth it. Honestly, I would have paid ten times this amount to have the job of a firefighter." Greg from Texas

Time and time again, research has shown that the top scoring applicants  have a game plan. They are preparing well in advance for the written, physical agility, psychological, and oral portions of the examination as well as reviewing top scoring test-taking strategies that will give them an edge over their competition.


There are too many fire candidates who continue to make the same mistakes in the exam process and don't  know what they are doing wrong. One or two questions on the written, not knowing what the oral exam assessors grading you are looking for in a top-scoring candidate, not knowing what type of psychological questions are going to be asked and how to answer them, not adequately preparing for the physical agility exam all or just one of these could immediately eliminate you from the hiring process.

"I used your Ultimate package in every part of the testing process. Nothing was left to chance in terms of my preparation. Before purchasing your product, I had taken eight examinations and finished nowhere near the top. After preparing with your product and having each process at my fingertips, I was recently hired by a major department in California, and I owe it all to you!" Zack from California

The Ultimate Firefighter Package consists of:



(normally priced $31.90 with s/h)

Why is this book unique?

What makes the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations unique is that it is divided into 16 testing subjects common to today's 21st century firefighter examination. For example, a fire applicant who is taking an examination on reading comprehension, math, human relations, deductive reasoning, and visualization can go to those specific sections in our book, read our high scoring test-taking strategies before each subject, and then take the practice examinations. With this format, the fire applicant will be better prepared by concentrating on the specific testing subjects for their examination.

The Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations contains over 243 pages and over 500 questions covering the following subjects:

Reading Comprehension

Human Relations

Problem Solving



Spatial Orientation (Maps)



Inductive Reasoning

Deductive Reasoning


Verbal Reasoning

 Oral and Written Communication

Information Ordering


Fire Candidates who recently purchased our Encyclopedia Book had this  to say:

"This is the book I have been looking for. Being able to focus on the specific testing subjects for the exam I am taking makes preparing so much easier. Also, your test-taking strategies have given me some great testing tips that I continually have in my thought process while I am taking the examination."Pete from Montana.

"I have never been more confident before taking an exam - and it showed. I finished 7th out of over 2,200 applicants. The Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations deserves much of the credit. I would never have scored as well without it. Thank you!" Bill from Texas.

"I was skeptical at first to purchase the book because of all the different prep books on the market. I purchased two other prep books in the past and neither compared to yours. I scored better on the written than on any prior exam I have taken."
Paul from North Carolina.




    (normally priced $21.90 with s/h)

After studying this 336-page book, you will be able to approach the written exam with a sense of confidence and ease. In addition, this study guide offers an assurance unmatched by any other publication guaranteed test results! This book's methods are guaranteed to get you scores of 80% to 100% or your money back! This book includes:

Complete in-depth practice exams, answer keys, and self-scoring tables


Proven top-scoring tips for boosting your overall score


A discussion of the physical exam


A thorough discussion of firefighting as a career


Plus information to prepare for the agility exam, the oral interview, and fill out the necessary paperwork.


Norman Hall's Firefighters Exam Preparation Book has been one of the top test preparation books for prospective firefighters in the country. Back by popular demand, Norman Hall has completely updated and revised this hugely successful book in this 2nd Edition, presenting new tips and time-tested methods for obtaining the highest scores.

Below is another success story from a firefighter applicant who used the Ultimate Package:

"As I was reading through your website, what really struck me was that I wasn't a well-rounded candidate. Yes, I was doing well on the written, but I failed two psychological tests. After my oral interviews, my ranking plummeted. I knew I had to take some type of action. When I found your website and the Ultimate Package, I knew this is what I needed to fill those voids and it certainly did. After using the package materials, I finished in the top 5 on the eligibility lists for 4 examinations and have finished in the top 10 on the last 7 examinations I have taken. As of writing this, I have been given 2 letters of conditional employment by departments and will be deciding in which one I want to make my career. Thank you so much for what you have done for me." Keith from Ohio




(normally priced $36.90 with s/h)


If you really want a firefighter job you will  want to have every tool available to shorten the learning curve between you and that badge! Becoming A Firefighter contains information that has helped over 2,200 candidates nail their badges! Step by step, everything you need to know in the process, starting with the application, written, physical, oral, psych interview, background, polygraph, and medical to gain a badge. In this book, you will find the inside "nuggets," tips and resources you can't get anywhere else to shorten the learning curve and the distance between you and that badge.






Oral Board Preparation




Speaking Skills




The Lie Behind the Lie Detector


Background Appeal


Fire Academy


New Rookie


The Formula to Get a Badge


…and much, much more!


Successful candidates who have purchased Capt Bob's Becoming a Firefighter had this to say:


"This book is a must-have resource for any person wishing to enter the fire service. In this book, I received the most valuable source of information I could have ever gained as an aspiring firefighter in the last 4 years of pursuing this career. Just about every page is full of valuable info and experience from someone who is very respected in the fire community. I devoured it in 2 days  it is well worth the modest price." Ed from Los Angeles


"Capt Bob has written a book to help anybody that is serious about a firefighting job. It is ironic that a person would want the easy answer for oral board questions, as it is the exact opposite of what his program teaches you. He arms the candidate with good information and lets them develop their answers with nuggets from their life experiences. I followed his personal advice and recently received a job offer. I recommend this book to anyone looking into getting into the fire department." Bob from Seattle


"Without this book, I would still be trying to figure things out. If you are serious about getting the call to be hired, this is the best investment you could make." Mike from Chicago


The Ultimate Package comes with a no-risk guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied,

We will refund 100% of product cost - no questions asked!



(normally priced $56.95 with s/h)

The firefighter entry-level job interview is one of the most misunderstood and least prepared for portion of the testing process. I've seen candidates with great credentials, but can't present the package at the interview. And, if you can't present the package, you don't get the job period! Never! Ever!

Are you a firefighter candidate that wants to shorten the learning curve between you and that badge?

 Do you want to find out what skills you may be missing?

Do you feel like you have hit a wall in your orals and you don't know what to do next?

Have you already figured out that you just can't wing the oral board?

Do you want to discover the inside secrets of interviews ideas that have been tested, proven and have worked for over 2,000  individuals who are now firefighters?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to get Capt. Bob's entry-level DVD/CD oral interviewprogram that has helped thousands of individuals to get the job of their dreams.

 What are you missing that's keeping you from gaining a badge?

Not only will you discover the skills and methods that truly can catapult your interview skills, you may spot the one big "nugget" you are missing in your presentation. Think of it you may be too close to see your own gold mine!

 Here are just some of the powerful comments others have made:

"I saw immediately the mistakes I was making."


"One 'nugget' paid for the whole program."


"It was the 'nuggets' that got me the job."


"You gave me the 'nuggets.' I nailed my next interview and got the job."


"It was the best money I have spent on gaining a career."


"The CD/DVD set has helped build up my self-confidence and keep me motivated."


What's a "nugget?"

A "nugget" is an answer to an oral board question that will get you your best score (highest possible) on that question, satisfy the board, and cause them to go on to the next question.

 You will get bonus points by personalizing your answer. The "Nugget Principle" enables applicants to personalize their presentations to separate them from the "clone" candidates. No one else can tell your story. Once you start lacing answers with your personal life experiences, no matter if they aren't fire department related, is where you start creating the magic.

If you don't know how to establish yourself and the other essential skills needed to score high enough, you might as well not show up. You're dead meat! The goal is to convince the oral board that you can do the job before you get it. Stories demonstrate your experience. They tell the board that you not only know the answer to an oral board question, you have already lived it.

Someone said, "Capt. Bob, how can you help so many candidates without making them into clones?" Good question, simple answer. The real reason is that no one else can tell your story nobody! When you start replacing your answers with your personal life experiences, that is when you start shortening the gap between getting that coveted badge.

Successful candidates who have used Capt Bob's Oral Interview Program had this to say:

"Capt. Bob thank you a thousand times  over! I finally got the call on July 21st and start recruit school on September 7th! I know that I owe it all to your program. With it, I didn't give any clones answers and ended up number two on the hiring list. That is more proof that your program really works. I know I was giving clone answers until I got your product. With it, I saw the mistakes, corrected them, and nailed my interview. Thank you again!"Michael C.

"Capt Bob, after three years of testing, I finally got an offer! The oral was the one thing holding me up. After purchasing your program, I took your advice and memorized my personal script and made it sound natural so that I was even impressed with it! I got two job offers the same month after not getting any in the three years of trying. I now work for the Sacramento Fire Department and love it! Thank you!" Eric W.

"Capt Bob, I received THE call for the firefighter position I was dreaming of. Until three years ago, before I ordered your entry-level CD/DVD, I was not passing interviews. After receiving your product and viewing them for less than five minutes, I figured out the major mistakes I was making. I know for a fact that I added at least five years to reach my goal of being a firefighter being a typically hardheaded guy. I can heartedly say that I am where I am today because of you, sir. I can remember day dreaming of what it would be like when and if I got hired. You removed the 'if' and helped me replace it with the 'when' I would receive the offer. It's better than winning the lottery. Thank you so much!" Firefighter Joe




(normally priced $36.90 with s/h)

Over the last 7-10 years while conducting seminars across the country, Don McNea Fire School has noticed a significant landscape change in the examination format. More municipalities are increasingly relying on psychological tests - not only in the hiring phase but also in the entry-level examination format. In recent years, we have had numerous fire candidates with stellar credentials (including degrees in fire science technology, EMT and Paramedic certifications) doing well on all other portions of the exam yet failing the psychological part.

We are again addressing the need that you, the fire applicant, have asked us to address. Don McNea Fire School Psychological Exam Preparation addresses this key component of the testing process that between 40%-60% of applicants are failing.

Did you know that at least 95% of firefighter examinations given across the country contain psychological testing in the hiring process? This preparation program gives you the insight into what the psychologists are looking for in successful fire candidates. We identify major personality traits and characteristics of a successful firefighter and we address specific reasons why fire candidates are failing psychological examinations.

In this 40 page workbook, we examine over 80 questions from each of these key personality traits. With each question, we provide you with suggested answers and explanations to put you in the mindset of what the psychologists are looking for. Our program also includes a sample nationwide job analysis that identifies key personality traits and behaviors of a successful firefighter. Candidates who are using our program are going from failure to passing and scoring over 95 percent on the psychological examination and proceeding to the next phase of the hiring process.

Fire Candidates who recently purchased our Psychological Exam Preparation Program had this to say:

"It was quite frustrating to continually finish in the top 10% on the written exam but continue to fail the psychological portion of the exam. I didn't know what I was doing wrong, only that I failed it. After purchasing your program, I realized the mistakes that I was making. Just fine-tuning a couple areas of the personality traits that the psychologists are looking for gave me the edge I needed. I have now completed two psychological examinations, have passed both and am a finalist in those departments." Brad from Ohio.

"When you state in your psychological program that it puts you in the mindset of what the psychologists are looking for - it certainly did! I never realized that different jobs have different psychological characteristics. I now know what the psychologists are expecting from a firefighter applicant. I feel very confident for my future exams."
Mike from Washington.

Thank you for helping me with the psych portion of the written exam. I took a test a year ago without knowing your info and scored in the low 70's. About 3 weeks ago I took that same test and scored a 94% and will be continuing in the process. That following week I took the same exam at my home department and though I do not know my score I have been invited to continue in their process as well. I honestly believe that without knowing the information that I obtained in your Psychological Prep Program that I would not be continuing in the process anywhere. I believe in what you have done for me and therefore I have recommended your material and website to many of the candidates that I have talked to in the past few weeks. I cannot say it enough but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! - Larry From Oregon



(normally priced $36.90 with s/h)

You have been testing for three, five, or seven years to get a firefighter job and you are finally in the hiring process. You've made it through the background check. Then, you're conditionally offered the job pending the medical which includes a psychological interview. You complete the interview; no big deal, right? Then the phone stops ringing. You are out of the process. You are told that you didn't meet the profile. What profile?

What do you mean, I didn't meet the profile? I've got training, experience, education, every degree, certificate, merit badge, and a paramedic certification. I've been a volunteer, paid member of another department for 10 years, and lived and breathed this job. And, I don't meet the profile?

The Personnel Department won't talk to you. They say it was the psychologist who passed judgment. The psychologist won't talk to you. You can't see the results of the test. You are devastated!

Captain Bob spent over a year researching the problem. Like any other portion of the test, you need to be ready for the psyche. This special report has the road map to get through the minefield.

Did you know if you failed a psychological interview, you can request a second opinion? That's right. The interview is part of the medical. It's covered under the ADA law. Most agencies don't know this. We have had several candidates reinstated when they passed their second psychological interview. Since they had already been offered the job with the condition that they pass the medical (which included the psychological interview), they not only got reinstated, they got the job.

Testimony from Scott:

I took over thirty tests to get hired. At 32years old, I thought I was getting too old to be hired. Three days before I was to take my next oral, I found Capt Bob's program. In just those few days, I was able to make changes in my presentation to get the best score I'd ever had on an oral. I received information to go forward in the hiring process. Things moved pretty fast after that. Capt Bob cautioned me to slow down and take the process one step at a time. He was there to take my calls when I got crazy. He was right on every step of the process.

I had already failed three psychological tests. I knew what I was doing wrong once I read the Special Report. I went in better prepared. I passed! I'm now working for a big, huge, awesome Class One Fire Department, riding one of the busiest engines in the nation!

This from John:

I ordered your Special Report on psychological exams and felt so empowered during my exams, it was a joke! It was like I was in their heads instead of the other way around. I passed all with flying colors.

I got my call and today was my last day in my civilian job. I start the academy  on March 3rd and am the happiest man on the face of the Earth. Thanks so much and God bless you!

If you have read this far, we hope that you will take one more minute to finish reading about The Ultimate Package. Again, we guarantee that it will increase your chances of getting that coveted badge!


    When you purchase the Ultimate Package, we will also include the following BONUS information from our Hiring Guide  Notebook at NO CHARGE!!



Our top-scoring physical agility strategies and exam preparation

  • List of the top 150 major fire departments including their addresses and phone numbers so that you can keep track of the most current exam information.
  • Examination preparation strategies and our top-scoring test-taking strategies.
  • Oral interview strategies, including personality characteristics of a successful firefighter determined by a nationwide job analysis, oral preparation tips; top performing behaviors to maximize your oral board score; and an oral rater's dimension guidelines and evaluation scale used by assessors to rate firefighter applicants; sample questions and top scoring answers.
  • FirePrep.com's fire department information sheets which allows you to keep track of phone numbers, addresses, test dates, special requirements, and other pertinent information you will need to prepare before the examination.


We will include a 3-ring binder to keep all this information at your fingertips!

Our final comments


 Why take one more test and be disappointed in the final outcome? You need to do a self-analysis on where you are in the process and tell yourself, "I want to dramatically improve my chances on all aspects of the firefighter exam process to put me in that coveted top 5 percentile today!"


Now it's up to you - you can fall into two categories. One is the 90% of fire applicants who never prepare for an examination and are extremely disappointed in their results. Or, are you going to be in that 10% that starts preparing for the examination early and are confident, relaxed and ready to meet this very important testing challenge? That 10% represents most fire applicants that get the job - those that really want it!


Remember that luck goes to the prepared!


Your Opportunity!

If you purchased separately all the products contained in the Ultimate entry-level package, it would cost over $240!!

We have discounted the Ultimate Firefighter Examination Package over 50%!


Don McNea Fire School is so confident that you will find that our Ultimate Firefighter Exam Prep Package will help you score better and allow you to place higher on firefighter examinations, that we offer a complete money-back guarantee.


If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of product cost - no questions asked!


Click here to purchase the Ultimate Firefighter Examination Package for only $119.95. To start gaining that edge immediately, you can download the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations, both Psychological Exam Preps, and all bonus information – the rest of the information will be mailed to you by Priority Mail shipping/handling (2-3 day mailing time)


Click here to purchase the Ultimate Firefighter Examination Package for only $119.95 and receive all the information by Priority Mail shipping/handling (2-3 day mailing time)



If you would like to purchase any of these books separately, please go to the links below:


Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations



Firefighters Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Ed., By Norman Hall



Fire Capt. Bob's Becoming A Firefighter – The Complete Guide To Your Badge



Capt. Bob's Conquer The Job Interview CD/DVD



Psychological Written Exam Preparation



Capt Bob Smith's Psychological Interview Preparation



The Hiring Guide Notebook


    We wish you the best of luck!

Click here to review the "Ultimate Firefighter Exam Package” that will dramatically increase your chances of getting that coveted fire department badge !!

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